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Joseph Barbaro

Joseph Barbaro

Referral Agent
Mobile Phone 561.420.9419
Email joeyb(at)jbarbaro(dotted)com

I have been self employed and involved in real estate development and building for over forty years now originally from the great lake state of Michigan. Working with many builders and land developers there during those years. I had learned and acquired a very unique skillset in these areas. When I came to live in sunshine state of Florida in the late nineties. I reestablished myself and purchased my very own project piece of real estate. It was a 5 bedroom, 5 bath duplex in Pompano Beach, I paid $145K for it and closed the sale one week prior to 911 in 2001. The real estate market had changed dramatically after that. I lived in this property and completely renovated and rehabilitated this duplex and over the next two years sold it for a whooping $379K. After that sale I was back on the map in real estate. For the next year, I rented a condo on the Intracoastal Waterway, in Pompano Beach and began looking for my next project piece of real property to purchase. I purchased another very unique piece of property in Palm Springs, (PBC) it was a triplex building and a small cottage house cottage on a canal. I paid $148K for both buildings on one lot and went to work on it immediately. After many renovations and purchasing an additional small piece of property from the Village of Palm Springs, I was able to add it to the existing lot and was able to secure a full building permit approval for a fourth unit next to the triplex building. Then I was able to do a combination and split the property into two separate lots. Renting the triplex building and living in my newly renovated (Homesteaded) free and clear cottage house on the canal. I leveraged my home and put $300K in my pocket for future development. In 2007 the real estate market crashed and I was forced to short sell both properties. In early 2016 I acquired a real estate sales license and began transaction sales.